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Posted 5th Jun 2017 by Jess Holden

If you look at many company websites you’ll see that many of them have a first blog post, usually headed ‘hello world’ and that’s the last thing that’s been posted.It’s terrible PR to start a blog and not keep going because it implies you don’t care about your customers, you don’t have anything to communicate and when you set up your blog you had no strategy …. none of which make you more attractive to potential customers, partners or even employees.

Blogging is a bit like breathing – once you’ve started you have to keep going!

Why does Morph blog?

Morph at comp


Well that’s a different question. We blog for several reasons:

  • To boost our SEO
  • To maintain our Google ranking
  • To be shared on social media
  • To help people recognise, understand and like us
  • … and of course to get work, or sales or whatever you want to call it.

Like many organisations, we do have specialist expertise, skills and tips and hints we’d like to share. There is lots of creative stuff going on in the design studio and in our photo studio that people will find interesting.

Plus we believe that it’s easier to do business when you know the people you’re working with, so we want to let people get to know us, even if we are a bit secretive. We are opening up about our work even if we don’t have meet the team pics all over our site.

And so we believe that these two reasons: quality material and a clear sense of who we are and what we do – means our blog is all about sharing stuff people will actually want to watch and read.

What makes Morph (blog) different?We think it’s the same thing that makes our digital marketing different. We don’t want to be just another creative agency in a sea of creative agencies, any more than we want our blog to be yet another blog in an ocean of blogs.

Comp Guy

We’re different and we intend to stand out.

  • That means we don’t just regurgitate other people’s content – no ’50 reasons to hire a digital marketing agency’ posts from us. Or trying to impress people by association with big brands.
  • Instead we try to think about what makes us interesting and share that with our audience. We also focus on what we think our clients might be interested in, because we believe that what fascinates us will probably fascinate other people.
  • We also intend to cover subjects in depth. Once we’ve got your attention we don’t want to leave you feeling less than satisfied – this is a blog post, after all, not a tweet!
  • We’ll try and make everything look cool, because that’s what we do. We’ll use nice design and maybe have some animation or video to demonstrate just how good we are at what we do, and because we can!
  • And finally, we’ll try to be honest and true to ourselves …

Because, after all, while there may be many reasons to have a blog, they all boil down to one key idea – we’ve got something valuable to say, and we want to share it with you.

Posted by: Jess Holden

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