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Animated Explainer Videos – What’s the point?

Scribbling on a napkin, demonstrating with glasses and beer mats, drawing it on a whiteboard, or just talking one-to-one…if you’re passionate and know your stuff, you can communicate your message.

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Blog off…even Morph have a blog!

It’s terrible PR to start a blog and not keep going. It suggests you don’t care about your website visitors, you don’t have anything to communicate, and when you set up your blog…you had no strategy

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Morph Animation Process:

We think of this as the skeleton of the animation. Whether there is a script or not we will agree an outline plan that we can use to break down the animation into smaller sections.

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How much does animation cost?

It’s a tricky question to answer as it depends on a lot of factors – but we’ll try our best to do it here, to save us doing it again and again in emails!

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No we don’t do whiteboard animation!

We aren’t animation snobs, and we get it. It’s the back of a napkin or fag packet explanation. Just sketch it out with stick figures and hand written text.