Case Study

Angus Fire - Monnex


Morph have worked on several other video and animation projects for Angus Fire so were naturally delighted to be approached to work again with this locally based global company.

Angus Fire’s history goes back over 200 years from the time when fire hose was made from riveted strips of leather to the present day when it is made from the latest in advanced rubber and textile technology.

In 1988 Angus Fire celebrated the 200 years of its manufacturing facility at Bentham in North Yorkshire. Local tradition has it that the sails of Admiral Nelson’s famous flagship HMS Victory were made at the original cotton mill at Bentham.


Morph were approached to produce this a promo video for the dry powder extinguisher product Monnex produced by Kerr Fire, part of the Angus International Safety Group.

The video is to be used as a sales tool on the company website and in presentations to potential clients across the world. There was a previous Monnex video that was now very much out of date that this video would replace but the plan was to follow the same general approach.

Morph Plan

The challenge here was to produce some really dramatic looking footage of big fires, not something you do everyday!

We knew we had to do the fires justice and if we got it right would look amazing. Next we needed to find a graphic style that would enable us to illustrate quite complex sections of the video dealing with the science of the powder that would work with this dramatic footage of the fires.

The Script

The scripting process was interesting as we had the previous video mentioned above to use as a template.

We took the script from that video and did our best to update and improve on the language. This was a collaborative process working with the marketing guys at Angus to create a script that tied in with their brand and sales approach.

Download the script


We actually recorded two voiceovers in different styles with different artists.

We knew this was a funny option to take, but we felt it was very important to find the right voice. We needed a voice that would have enough gravitas for the serious sections of the video without being too much, plus work as well explaining the more complex bits of the science to a global audience.


We filmed for two days, one at the International Fire Training Centre at Darlington and the second at the test centre at the Bentham factory.

At the Fire Training Centre we had massive fires to film using plane fuselages, structures replicating oil rigs and huge petrochemical works. We also had a professional fire man who was brilliant to work with. The filming at Bentham was focussed on a series of product tests that we would use in the video to document an industry standard test.


Morph have been the perfect partner throughout the production of our recent promo video, we would highly recommend them and will definitely be using them again for future work. From helping us create the initial storyboard, through to the on-site filming and final production, Morph have been an excellent partner.

Kerr Fire selected Morph as they are a local company and offered us the solution we were looking for rather than a pre-packaged solution they wanted to sell. The brief was to create a new promo video for one of our flag-ship products and had a good idea of the types of elements we wanted to show and Morph helped us to plan and execute the whole thing. Morph captured our ‘vision’ and made sure that as much footage was captured, from as many different angles and elevations, during the two on-site days.

With initial concepts for the animations done as stills, we were all really pleased with the final edits and how they connected and really brought some of the core concepts to life.

The final edit, complete with voice-over and music has been really well received within the business and our customers have responded really well to the new look.

This was a long project for Kerr Fire, but Morph stuck by us and supported us throughout to make sure the final product matched our brand and everyone involved is sure we made the right choice in selecting Morph.

David Plant, Global Product Manager, Angus International Safety Group Ltd