Client Case Study



Morph is very proud to be working with the Building Engineering Services Association.

When we started in 2014 we had no idea we were about to engage in such a positive long term relationship and suspect neither did they. Our first job was to produce an explainer animation for the online building maintenance product SFG20. The marketing team at BESA decided they liked the animation style that we refer to as Tiny Town and has gone on to be known for them as the ‘minions’. This is one of our house styles which means that we have a considerable library of illustrated assets ready to use. Though we have now added lots more buildings, cherry pickers and hardhats.


BESA History

BESA have a long history and tradition as the leading trade association for building engineering services contractors.

The BESA in their own words, has a proud heritage, having been established in 1904 as the National Association of Master Heating and Domestic Engineers. BESA has been known by several names through the years, most notably as the Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association (HVCA) for nearly 50 years. We have evolved to reflect the changing needs of our members and the sector, and in 2012 we rebranded to the Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) to reflect the growing range of specialisms covered by our members. Now trading as BESA, our name highlights the fact that first and foremost we are an association, and our members will always be our primary focus.

BESA’s headquarters are in London, but we are active throughout the UK. We have a separate presence in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as eight regional offices across England. This regional presence facilitates member networking and sharing of best practice, business opportunities and advice on local and national developments.



Morph are a fantastic partner and have been instrumental in helping us to refresh the look and feel of the BESA group of companies.We have from this small beginning developed a great working relationship with BESA. As a client they are interesting in terms of the scope of the work and the insight we have to into these industries. Plus they present unusual challenges because of the way they are organised and run. We feel that over time we have grown to understand the way that they work and have adjusted our processes to fit with their needs.

The Work

As a Trade Organisation they were founded and are funded by business that operate within the Building Engineering Services sector.

Day to day the organisation coordinates collaboration between these companies, as well as participating in a wide range of activities on their behalf, for example, public relations, education, training, lobbying and publishing.

This means from a Morph perspective they have diverse digital needs, from simple brochure Websites to complex Web Apps and online tools, Graphic Design (online and offline), Animation and hopefully one day some Video! We offer all of these services in-house which enables us to ensure we are delivering a quality service. We know that it is quite unusual to genuinely offer this range of services from within our team and it makes things much simpler not to be relying on sub contractors.

We work very closely with the marketing and IT teams at BESA to deliver these products and do our very best to meet their needs.



Morph are a fantastic partner and have been instrumental in helping us to refresh the look and feel of the BESA group of companies.

They quickly got to grips with the complexity of our business, a parent company, 7 subsidiaries and even more websites, and company by company, site by site, they have helped us transition into having a fresh, clean, fit for purpose market presence, both on and offline.

They are our first choice for any web design project and we are increasingly using them for offline graphics and design as well.

Morph are a really valued and trusted partner and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Kirsty Cogan, Director of Marketing & Communications