How much does animation cost?

How much does Animation cost?

It’s a tricky question that depends on a lot of factors, but we’ll try our best to ANSWER it here! (To save us doing it again and again in emails!

Let’s Drill into it:

How long is the animation?
This is an obvious factor in terms of cost, as this often reflects the amount of work needed on the project. However, this can change, as for the same budget we can create a shorter animation with more detail, or a longer animation with less detail, depending on what you need.

How many are needed?
If we can make a few in the same style we can make some savings!

The style of the animation:
What we need to design and how much moving stuff there is. We have some house styles (See the ‘Explainer Cloud’ section below!) in which we can reuse existing assets to keep the costs down!

Who is going to write the script?
We can do it, but we may need some help to make sure we get the message and language right.

The voiceover artist and music:
We have multiple options for each that we can recommend for you , if they’re needed!

Ball Park Costs:

We are going to stick our neck out and give some ballpark costs. These costs are based on producing a 90 – 120 second animation including a design and storyboard process, scriptwriting, voiceover, music and sound effects.

£4 – £6K

This is our entry level and our simpler animation styles. Generally there is less stuff going on and a simpler design process.

£6 – £8K

This is our mid range level and we introduce basic character animation and more involved design styles.

£8 – 10K+

This is our catch all for all of the more full on animation styles, for example more complex characters and scenes as well as frame by frame animation.

Online / Web site explainers:

We can make animated videos to explain how a web tool, web app or bit of software works.

Following the user flows and illustrating the various options and features. These can be a screen capture experience at one end of the scale to a highly stylized version at the other.

Explainer Cloud

This is our house animation style, we mentioned above, and we can offer some cheaper options and economies of scale as we already have a library of assets.

The scenes follow certain general approaches so we already have a sense of how things will work rather than needing a bespoke solution for each new scene. We would still need to weigh up most of the factors above apart from the style but in general this will be our least expensive option.

The simple answer to the question “How much does an animation cost” is basically:

“It’s not that simple…”

If you’d like to work with us we have a project planner here!

You can set your budget, and we can let you know what’s possible!

Or of course, just get in touch!