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Our central product is a web based Participant Information Tool

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Participant Information Tool

The Participant Information Tool transforms paper based information sheets into an intuitive online experience.

It breaks down patient information into easy to read sections delivered step by step. Users can clearly see their progress through the ‘informing’ process. The fully accessible tool can be used in full screen mode to remove distraction and works equally well on mobile, tablet or desktop.

It is a flexible solution that can be used face to face on a tablet in a trauma situation or remotely sent as a link in an email, or social post. It can be launched from a Main Study website (which we also provide) or from a website of your own. Plus if your internet is unreliable it can be downloaded onto a project device to be used offline as an APP.

We recommend adding our Participant Information Animation at the start of the solution to provide an engaging introduction to the information. We can also include modules to enable screening as well as integrate with your chosen consent and/or data collection system. Plus we can track user interaction to understand how people engage with the information.

Participant Information Tool Key Features

  • Engage PPI Groups

    Great for engaging Public and Patient Involvement groups i.e. design, content

  • Online and Offline

    Launch through web browser or downloaded onto project devices to work without internet


  • Flexible Tool

    Use face to face, send link in an email or social post, include as part of online consent


  • Great User Experience

    Delivers participant information step by step in full screen mode to remove distractions

Clinical Trials Products

Participant Information Animation

Explainer animation to summarise your Participant Information

Dissemination Animation

Explainer animation to summarise the key findings from the research

Clinical Research Website

Bespoke study website to present a professional face to the research

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