What are Product Videos?

Product videos are a very effective online sales tool. The term product video covers a wide range of content types from extremely creative videos with high production values to more simple bread and butter video content. Examples of the range of content types include product overviews and presentations, customer reviews and testimonials, point of sale videos, how to guides, user guides and sales training videos.

Whereas once still images and text were standard there has been a massive shift in recent years towards moving images. Not only is the type of content changing but also the way people are viewing the content with the incredible use of mobile devices. Online video is becoming such an important part of our everyday online experience and product videos are simply part of this trend and are becoming expected.

There is lots of evidence that product videos increase conversions. Consumers expect to have lots of information about the products that they are thinking of buying and are more likely to stay on a page that includes video content. Product videos enable potential customers to get a better overview of the product and can help to answer questions that the customer might have. This can help to generate sales as well as reducing customer enquiries.

We make great Product Videos

Morph can create beautiful functional product videos for your business. We understand that that the videos need to be pitched right for the audience and we can deliver great content, from high quality to high volume. The brief for the Fletcher Capstan Table video featured below was to produce a highly creative product video to show off a high value product. In contrast other videos have more practical applications and aspirations, for example the Mainstage video is targeted to explain the product and help potential buyers to understand the mechanism. So we understand this and pitch our videos at the right level.

Our Photo and Video studio is perfect for shooting product videos and we can offer this to our clients. The studio is a 1000 sq ft flexible creative space with high ceiling, large infinity cove and mezzanine. Vehicles can unload and park directly outside the double entrance doors enabling easy access for large or heavy items and making it perfect for high volume product videos.

We can also create motion graphics and animation to reinforce or explain key points, as well as produce fully animated videos like in the example below.

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