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The TRECA Study - University of York: Trials Engagement in Children and Adolescents

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The TRECA Study

Project description

The TRECA project is an NIHR funded research project lead by Dr Peter Knapp from the Health Sciences Department at the University of York.

Printed participant information sheets which are currently used in most trials have been widely criticised for being too long, technical and lacking in visual appeal. We were appointed to produce the media to test whether multimedia information was a more effective way of delivering patient information than the traditional printed information sheets. The multimedia resources were developed using a co design approach, drawing on the views of stakeholders such as children patients and their parents and the health professionals who would actually present the media.

The materials were embedded in six NHS healthcare trials. The impact on decision making was assessed by comparing rates of trial recruitment and retention as well as a qualitative element to assess the decision-making by questionnaire.

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We really value the flexibility and responsiveness that Morph show on a daily basis to ensure that the websites meet the needs of children and young people, as well as TRECA and the trials that are using the websites for their recruitment. 

Dr Jackie Martin-Kerry, TRECA Study

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The level of creativity by the Morph team is amazing and we are really impressed with the quality of their work. Always a pleasure to interact with, and work with, as we create these websites.

Dr Jackie Martin-Kerry, TRECA Study

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