Website and Animations


The arts and cultural commissioning toolkit (acct) has been produced by Royal Opera House Bridge, Artswork and Kent County Council


We were tasked with creating a set of animations and a website to communicate the findings of their work and to help people understand and engage with arts commissioning.

We created fun and quirky animations to give an overview of each stage in the commissioning process. These were then used on the website combined with more in-depth guidance and information. It was really important to create a clean and enjoyable user experience; we’ve made it as simple as possible for people to progress through the toolkit. The mix of graphics, animations and video content helps to keep the whole website engaging and interesting.

The toolkit needed to appeal to individuals and organisations in the arts and cultural sector, so the design could not be corporate at all. We loved creating the bright, colourful style and the quirky characters that are used throughout.

Creative responsive website design
Five minute animation split up to create four shorter animations
Easily editable website with content management system
Assets to be used in wider marketing

We are always delighted with the way they communicate and the quality of their aesthetic.


We looked for a long time for a web partner who was creative enough to meet the needs of our arts and museum clients, and eventually found Morph. We are always delighted with the way they communicate and the quality of their aesthetic, but they are also great to work with - completely efficient and genuinely nice people, and that matters to us too.

Mandy Barnett, Director MB Associates