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Morph are very proud to have worked with The Arts council england to produce this bespoke web application.

The challenge for the Arts Council England was to engage their audience in self evaluation and improvement via an attractive and easy to use app on their website. ACE approached Morph in tandem with Make Culture Work to help deliver a’gift to the sector’ in the form of a self evaluation toolkit on their website. This would enable individuals and organisations to evaluate and record their performance in given areas and rate how important each area was.

Our priority for the tool at Morph was to ensure the User Experience (UX) matched the rich amount of expertise and resources the Arts Council England were providing within the tool. It was paramount to all involved that users felt engaged with the process of their self-evaluation rather than overwhelmed or confused. To this end, we created a simple layout with a strong colour scheme. We built UX patterns consistent with today’s popular web apps and ensured the user was gradually introduced to the content they needed to see.

The key aim of the project was to promote reflection and improvement from the user during their self-evaluation. For this we worked hard with ACE to develop a visually appealing and meaningful report page, with a combination of charts and natural language allowing different levels of analysis.

We have gone onto to do further work on the App as the feedback has been very positive and there was momentum to make it even better. We have also worked on marketing materials to promote the launch of the tool as well as other projects for The Arts Council, including a series of animated podcast adverts for social media.

To find out more about this project have a read of our blog about the project The Arts Council. If you are looking for web application development in Lancaster or Kendal please get in touch.


Bespoke Web Application Development
Simple and Engaging User Experience
Powerful reporting and data visualisation
Consistent with Arts Council England branding
Animations and Graphics to promote tool on Social Media
Animated podcast social graphics

The tool really has already far exceeded my expectations.


The tool really has already far exceeded my expectations of what we could do with it and that’s due in no small part to the ideas and expertise you’ve brought to developing it, plus it’s been fun! So thank you for all your work.

Viv Niblett, Senior Officer, Policy & Research