Promo Animation

Bastard Galaxia

Traditional frame by frame animation style to promote web comic.


Morph took on this project to support our Lead Animators web comic Bastard Galaxia and as a way to show off our frame by frame animation skills.

If you are interested to know more about the comic and the animation process involved to create this kind of work have a look at our blog.

Traditional animation is a much larger time sink than other styles of animation but one of the most striking looking, so we wanted to showcase what we can do. Using characters from our animator’s comic, we created a sequence akin to an 80’s – 90’s cartoon intro. We wanted it to have that ‘Saturday Morning Cartoon’ feel and remain accurate to the source material.

A short, but sweet example of how morph can work in a very traditional way.

If you are looking for an animation company in Lancaster or Kendal please get in touch.

Traditional 2D animation
24 Frames per second
Promotion for Web Comic

HOLY SH*T!!!!!


Ace!!! This is so good, man!!!! 😭😭😭 I Keep watching it!
We need to get this out there!

Matt Simmons, Co-Creator