Product Videos

Fletcher Burwell-Taylor

Fletcher Burwell-Taylor is a British luxury furniture maker. They design and build the unique Fletcher Capstan Table.


We have produced a wide range of video content for Fletcher Tables

The first project was the artistic product video shown below. The brief was to really show off the amazingness of the table in a slightly abstract highly creative way.

The second film we made was a mini documentary in the form of a making of video; where the designer of the table David Fletcher discusses the background of the table and the process to build one from design through to manufacturing and installation. This video has been posted on various sites and social media channels but the version on our YouTube channel has well over two million views. Comfortably making it our most successful film ever in terms of views.

The third main video project we have undertaken for the client was a series of short interview clips addressing common questions about the tables. This formed the basis of a social media campaign and was also intended to address customer FAQ’s.

Two minute creative product video
Ten minute ‘making of’ video
Series of talking heads addressing key FAQ’s
Brochure Website

What can I say - it is terrific, a fantastic job.


What can I say - it is terrific, a fantastic job.

David Fletcher, Managing Director