Coaching Videos

Will Medd

Will Medd coaching aims to provoke you to discover the clarity, courage and commitment you need to change your experience of work and life.


Morph worked with Will Medd to find a way to deliver his coaching in a way that he could reach more people.

We worked with Will over a period of time and were fully involved in the development of his ideas. Previously the coaching was always face to face to these videos have enabled him to provide supporting materials to his face to face teaching but also offer the coaching remotely.

We shot a series of videos covering different aspects of Will’s coaching. We developed a character style and animated these to accompany the video to reinforce the messages in a fun and engaging way.

Series of coaching videos
Developed animated characters
Used to promote confidence techniques

I got much more than I bargained for working with Morph.


I got much more than I bargained for working with Morph. From the start they really engaged with me in shaping the concept of what I was trying to pull together, offering support, challenge and also confidence. As a result I've had excellent feedback from people who have watched the films and am looking forward to producing more with them.

Dr Will Medd, Accredited Certified Coach (ICF)