Product Videos

IKO Group

For over 100 years IKO has produced innovative solutions for flat roofs, pitched roofs and the waterproofing industry.


Morph was asked to produce two product videos to be used as point of sale videos in major DIY shops and on the IKO website.

The plan for the video production was to provide an overview of the key features and to explain application good practise.

We filmed with the IKO team at their premises over two days. The style of the actual footage is quite simple product video, focusing on lots of close ups and details. It documents the installation of the two products broken down into the different parts of the process.

The video content was supported by a series of animated sequences and in-video motion graphics. The intention was for the videos to also work well without audio, envisaging their use at point of sale locations.

We have gone on to work on a series of other video and animation projects with the team at IKO.

If you are looking for video production or animation services in Lancaster or Kendal please get in touch.


Two product videos with motion graphics
Point of sale product videos
Illustrated elements to use across other media

I can’t wait for the next project we get to work on with Morph, we are in good hands!


From the start Morph guided us through every step of the video production for our sales and installation guide, both when actually filming the installation steps and during the more detailed animation process. Taking on-board our requirements, while also giving us feedback and recommendations to consider (which produced a final cut that was exactly what we were looking for). I can’t wait for the next project we get to work on with Morph, we are in good hands!

Peter Sumpton, Head of Marketing