Product Videos


Mainstage create innovative, robust and practical portable staging solutions for clients all over the world.


Morph was approached to produce a series of product videos to showcase their modular stages

One of the main selling points of their products is it’s modularity. Mainstage has made it easy to customise your set up; you can easily change the size and shape, add stairs, guard rails, valances to name a few.

We created a set of short videos to help potential buyers understand how the mechanisms worked. These bitesize videos show off how easy it is to install, customise and pack-up the stages. We have since gone on to make a further set of videos.

We were so impressed with the product, we’ve actually got our own mainstage to use in our photo / video studio.

If you are looking for video production services in Lancaster or Kendal please get in touch.

Multiple simple product videos
Animated logo sting
Shared on social media and main website