Explainer Animation


Offshoring is a book by John Urry that documents the various patterns of offshoring of the economy, sociability, politics and the environment.


Morph were approached by Polity Press to produce a film to promote the launch of a new book

Offshoring the animation summarises the key themes of the book Offshoring. The book examines the ways in which activities are moved from one jurisdiction to another to avoid laws, taxes, rules and regulations.

The concealment of income, wealth and profits in tax havens has brought the topic of offshoring into public debate, but as John Urry shows in this important new book offshoring is a much more pervasive feature of contemporary societies. These often secretive activities offshore also involve relations of work, finance, pleasure, waste, energy and security. Powerful and pervasive offshore worlds have been generated, posing huge challenges both for governments and for citizens.

This is a great example of the serious side of our animation work.

3 minute animation
Used to promote book launch
Highly stylized sketchy design

This video should be promoted as wide and far as possible


And I also really believe that this video should be promoted as wide and far as possible because it’s just great and really holds the capacity for deep reflection and resonation (and hopefully action too).

Nicola Pitt, PhD, Hawke Research Institute, University of South Australia