From humble beginnings in 1989 Barlean’s has risen to become the manufacturers of Americas best selling Omega-3 supplements, employing 200 people.


This is one of a series of animations morph has created for the US company Barleans.

We have worked our way through their product line creating animations to explain each of these topics, Flax Oil, Krill Oil, Omega Swirl and Omega 7.

One of the interesting things about working with this client was that we never actually met and the whole working relationship was conducted online through Skype calls and emails. So this is a great example of the fact that we can very efficiently work remotely.

This animation had the challenge of explaining the merits of Omega 7, a product people that perhaps aware of, but didn’t know a great deal about. The format of this animation was little different from the others as we used a scientist character to present the information.

We can also proudly claim to have received our best ever testimonial, below.

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Krill Oil 2D animation
Flax Oil 2D animation
Omega Swirl 2D animation
Omega 7 2D animation

A viral 'Morph-o-Mania' sensation here in the U.S.


The Morph team researches the topic immensely to ensure the video will have all guns blazing, then delivers it in such an entertaining way that each of our four videos have become a viral “Morph-o-Mania” sensation here in the U.S.

Andy Koch, Marketing Director