Stop Motion Product Video

Stop motion videos to promote products on web store.


Morph was asked to create some product videos to promote camping and travel items on the overlander ecommerce store.

We wanted to make sure that we created product videos that really stood out from other web store videos. They needed to be quirky and creative but still get the message across.

The idea was to create multiple videos that would work not only on the Overlander website, but also on social media as a way to explain the products and promote the brand.

We decided on simple stop motion approach to make sure they videos were attention grabbing and visually interesting, but in a way that was simple enough for us to quickly produce multiple videos.

If you are looking for video production or animation servicesĀ in Lancaster or Kendal please get in touch.

Stop motion animations
Distinct look and feel
Promotion for Web Store products



Thanks, they work brilliantly! I published on Facebook, loads of views!

Stan Healey, Founder of The Overlander