Tour Video

Robinsons Brewery

Robinsons Brewery is one of oldest and most respected names in British brewing history


We were commissioned to produce a film for the launch of the multi million pound Robinsons Brewery Visitor Centre.

The film would form part of the new Brewery Tour as well as shorter sections of the main film being used in interactive displays around the site. The full version of the film was around 18 minutes long and effectively a mini documentary of the history of the Robinsons family brewing business in Stockport.

To create the film we shot a series of interviews with members of the Robinson family as well as footage of the new brewery and the brewing process. The big challenge was to then weave all of this together to illustrate the 175 years of the company’s history. To achieve this we created a motion graphic based animated timeline incorporating reconstruction video footage and old photographs to fill in the gaps between the interviews.

18 minute documentary style video
Details the history of Robinsons Brewery
Series of shorts video clips for the interactive displays

WOW! This is very good.


WOW! This is very good, you have done a great job! Thank you!

John Robinson, Brand Manager