Explainer Animation

University of Southampton

Animation to explain research project


Morph were approached to produce an animation to explain the findings of a research project looking at travel information systems.

This research was conducted by a PHD student at The University of Southampton and is summarised as follows:

Today’s wide spread use of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) has introduced public transport travel information into all stages of journey planning (at home, at-stop and on-board). Its purpose is to address specific questions that travellers raise which often relate to the travellers familiarity or lack thereof with the local area.

The animation was designed to demonstrate ways that travel information systems could be organised and and the kind of information that is useful to travellers. We created mock ups of how potential systems could look and the functionality could work. The animation was produced in our Tiny Town house style combined with sections of flat designed mock App.

If you are looking for an animation company in Lancaster or Kendal please get in touch.

2 minute Explainer Animation.
Animation communicating research findings.
Collaboration with PhD Student.


The super skilled morphsters, morphed our story boards and took them to a whole new level. The quality, detail and creativity was unparalleled! The team were always available and listened to all our needs. If you want crystal clear communication that reaches your audience, Morph is the team you need.

Amanda. J Haylett, University of Southampton