Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short, informative video that explains a business, idea or product neatly and succinctly. Its about clarity of message and communicating a very clear story using engaging audio and visuals. Explainers use these tools to break down complex ideas in a friendly, accessible way, giving you the opportunity to talk directly to your audience.

Typically they are between one to three minutes though there are no rules other than they should be the right length to engage people and get the message across. There are also no rules about whether they are video, slideshows, fully animated or any combination.

An expert explaining a topic or product directly to camera can be a very effective way of getting a message across and potentially a cost effective to generate lots of video content.

Perhaps the most common understanding of the term Explainer Video is a short animated video and indeed this is becoming a seriously popular and effective way of getting a message across.

Why have an explainer video?

Explainers make life simple for the viewer. If you click on two websites one with a home page video, one without, which site are you likely to spend longer on?

Plus Explainer videos attract search traffic by making your site more visible to search engines. A good explainer video is a great piece of content marketing and SEO is all about quality content and producing stuff that people actually want to read and watch. It will give people a reason to visit your site and keep them there for longer, even increasing conversion rates.

You can use explainer videos to position yourself as a market authority, making your website the place customers come when they want to understand something, and where they stay to spend money. Explainer videos can give your brand personality help you demonstrate that you know your stuff, and customers trust companies that know what they’re doing.

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