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Animation based on your Participant Information Sheet to explain your study to potential participants

Participant Information Sheet animation images

Participant Information Animation

Summarising the key points from the Participant Information Sheet. Simplifying the information and getting right to the important stuff that potential participants need to know.

This is a highly accessible engaging way to deliver participant information and great for communicating with harder to reach groups. We can create versions in different languages or even accents as well as tailor the content to specific audiences, for example children and adults.

We use the illustrations that are created for the animation to illustrate the web tools, as well as providing the illustrations from the animation for our clients to use elsewhere in their communications.

Animation provides lots of opportunity to engage your PPI groups with designs, script and storyboard phases. Our process is straight forward with an all inclusive cost, we only need your Participant Information Sheet to get started.

Participant Information Tool Key Features

  • Engage PPI Groups

    Great for engaging Public and Patient Involvement groups i.e. script, design, storyboard

  • Image Pack

    Still images from the animation to use elsewhere in communications i.e. print, web and social

  • Targeted

    Tailor the animation to different audiences and hard to reach groups with different voiceover and visuals

  • All Inclusive price

    Simple pricing that covers everything including script writing, voiceover and sound effects

RECOVERY Trial - Participant Information Animation


This is an example of a Participant Information Animation made for the RECOVERY Trial. This project needed to be delivered very quickly to keep pace with the speed of the trial. We also created another animation to explain to healthcare professionals how to carry out the trial.

We were delighted with the thought and care that Morph put into helping us develop them.

You can view the animation on the RECOVERY Trial website here:

HELP Fertility Trial Animation

HELP Fertility Trial

We worked with the team from the School of Health and Related Research at The University of Sheffield to produce this PIS animation. The animation will be used as part of the process to inform potential participants providing an overview of the trial patient information.

The main study research question is: What is the clinical and cost-effectiveness of hysteroscopic removal of submucosal fibroids and polyps in women presenting with infertility and recurrent miscarriage?

I also just wanted to say thank you again for your team’s hard work, it was a really enjoyable experience and everyone on the team is really pleased with the video.

PARROT Trial - Participant Information Animation


This is a Participant Information Animation made for the PARROT Trial which is looking to find out whether 12-month’s treatment with an antibiotic called azithromycin reduces how often children with neurological impairment (NI) have to stay in hospital with chest infections. The PARROT Trial was a joint UK and Australia Study, run in the UK by a team from Alder Hey Childrens Hospital.

The Participant Information Animation was part of a wider package of work that included a main Study Website and a further sub site to deliver the Participant Information.

Clinical Trials Products

Participant Information Tool

Convert paper based information sheets into an intuitive web tool

Dissemination Animation

Explainer animation to summarise the key findings from the research

Clinical Research Website

Bespoke study website to present a professional face to the research

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