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The CRAFFT Study - University of Oxford: Children’s Radius Acute Fracture Fixation Trial

CRAFFT digital patient information sheet image of two children each wearing a cast

Project description

Project description

CRAFFT is an orthopaedic clinical trial run by the Oxford Trauma team from Oxford University looking at treatments for radial fractures in children.

There is evidence to suggest that these fractures will heal well and completely correct themselves without surgery in children under 11 years old, even if bones are initially displaced, however the quality of evidence is poor. There is a clear and pressing need to inform patients about the benefits or otherwise of surgical reduction versus non-operative casting, and a need to inform commissioners regarding the costs of the different treatments to the NHS and society.

The solution we implemented for CRAFFT is our Digitrial Package of communication tools. At the heart of our offering is the explainer animation below that is included on both the study site and the online patient information.

They really become part of the study team during setup, and are hugely responsive.

This is one of a series of studies we have worked on with Oxford Trauma these include FORCE, SCIENCE, FAME, HUSH, WISE, BIG BOSS, PREPPED and DRAFT3.


CRAFFT Patient Information Sheet Video


Working with the Morph team is great - I’ve worked with them over several studies, and they understand clinical research and what a study needs to be successful.

Dan Perry, Associate Professor, Orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery

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