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Web solution to digitise a Patient Information Sheet for the University of Oxford

List of project deliverables for digitising the CRAFFT Patient Information Sheet

  • Patient Information Website

    Media rich, great UX, online and offline solution

  • Study Website

    Main study website to present key information about the trial

  • Explainer Animations

    Patient Information Animation and Generic Animations

  • Dissemination Tools

    Tools to disseminate the findings of the research

CRAFFT digital patient information sheet image of two children each wearing a cast

CRAFFT Study: Project description

CRAFFT is an orthopaedic clinical trial being run by the Oxford Trauma team from Oxford University looking at treatments for radial fractures in children.

This is one of a series of studies we have worked on for Oxford Trauma. The solution we offer is our Digitrial product that was developed with the University of York, funded by NIHR, and has been approved by NHS Research Ethics Committees on multiple live trials.

They really become part of the study team during setup, and are hugely responsive.

It is a creative and technical solution to convert a standard Patient Information Sheet into a user friendly website with a series of animations. Trials can add the main Study Website and Dissemination Tools to manage the online communication throughout the research, e.g.


CRAFFT Patient Information Sheet Video


Working with the Digitrial team is great - I’ve worked with them over several studies, and they understand clinical research and what a study needs to be successful.

Dan Perry, Associate Professor, Orthopaedics & Trauma Surgery

Digitrial by Morph

Digitrial Digital Patient Information by Morph Animation and Web Studio

Digitrial by Morph

Digital Patient Information

Our creative web solutions use animation and video to explain clinical research and drive medical trial recruitment.

Developed with the University of York, funded by NIHR and approved by NHS Research Ethics Committees on multiple live trials.

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