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Explainer animation

Clinical trial animation for Liverpool University

List of clinical trial animation project deliverables

  • Explainer animation

    2D explainer animation including voiceover, music and sound effects

  • Illustrated assets

    We make the illustrated assets we create available to our clients

  • Patient Information

    Communication of important information to children patients

  • Engaging style

    Fun and engaging to appeal to children with child voiceover

Project description

We worked with Dr Kerry Woolfall and others at the University of Liverpool to develop an explainer animation, initially used on the VOICES project but later used on other trials such as the ECliPSE Study. VOICES was a qualitative study exploring research without prior consent in clinical trials.

This research was investigating a real life situation where children were entered into a medical trial when they were ill. The problem the trial faced was around the communication of information about the trial and a willingness of the children and their parents to co-operate further with the trial after their treatment.

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The purpose of the animation was to help with this communication process and to explain to the children why they had been entered onto the trial. As the primary audience for the animation was the children themselves we created a cartoony, child friendly animation style and used a child voiceover artist. More subtly there was also lots of incidental detail to keep the atmosphere upbeat despite the serious subject matter.


University of Liverpool clinical trial animation Quote

The animation has already been widely disseminated through conferences and presentations - the first presentation of the animation went down an absolute storm.

Dr Kerry Woolfall, Psychological Sciences

University of Liverpool clinical trial animation

University of Liverpool Quote

The doctors and nurses who have viewed it plan to use it in their conversations with children taking part in research - this is exactly what we wanted to develop and it has exceeded our expectations.

Dr Kerry Woolfall, Psychological Sciences

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Digital Participant Information by Morph Animation and Web Studio

Clinical Trials by Morph

Digital Participant Information

Digital tools to support communication and informed consent in clinical trials.

We can convert your Participant Information into an animation, and present along with the written content using our user friendly online tool. Developed with the University of York, funded by NIHR and approved by NHS Research Ethics Committees on multiple live trials.

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