Case Study

The UKALL 2011 Trial


Randomised Trial Investigating a Short Induction Dexamethasone Schedule for Children and Young Adults with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Summary: UKALL 2011

UKALL 2011 investigated whether small changes to the standard treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, or ALL, and lymphoblastic lymphoma, or LBL, can reduce the side effects of the treatment and reduce the chance that the disease returns.

Lymphoblastic Lymphoma or LBL is a type of cancer. It involves the lymphatic system. This is part of your immune system. It helps to fight bacteria and other infections. The treatment for LBL is already very successful. About 8 out of 10 patients are cured of the disease. There are still two problems.  First there is a risk of side effects, both during the treatment and afterwards. Second, we cannot cure all patients. We want to take the standard treatment that we currently use to treat LBL and then make a few changes.

This is to find out: 

  • Whether we can reduce the side effects of the treatment 
  • Whether we can reduce the chance that the disease returns. 

What we did

The complex UKALL-2011 Study was one of the TRECA trials run by the University of York. The resources were based on materials developed within a live trial at Alder Hey Children’s hospital.

As with the other TRECA Studies the media centred on an easy to use website delivering the Participant Information with a supporting Animation on the home page. We also produced a range of talking heads video content featuring the clinical researcher as well as patients and parents. These videos appeared alongside the related information in the website. The websites also included the Clinical trial animations featured below.

The particular challenge with delivering the information for the UKALL 2011 Trial was to be clear about the different treatment options. We needed multiple versions of the information tailored to the correct target age group and treatment arm.

UKALL 2011: Participant Information Animation

UKALL 2011: Participant Information Animation

This is the Participant Information Animation that we made for the home page of the UKALL 2011 Trial Patient Information Website.

UKALL 2011: Talking Head Video Content

UKALL 2011: Talking Head Video Content

This is an example of one of the Talking Heads videos that we used throughout the UKALL 2011 Patient Information Website. As well as the clinical researchers we included talking heads from patients and parents.

Clinical Trial Animations

As part of the TRECA Study we produced a range of clinical trial animations to explain key concepts.

What is a trial?
Who is in a research team?
Why do we do trials?
Consent and assent