Animation to promote the book 'Cargomobilities' published by Routledge

List of project deliverables

  • Explainer animation

    2D explainer animation including voiceover, music and sound effects

  • Dissemination

    The animation provides an overview of the main themes in the book

  • Assets for social

    We created a range of stills and short clips from the animation to use on social

  • Book promotion

    Animation used to promote the book across range of online sales channels


Project description

Offering texts from key thinkers, the book presents case studies from around the world which report on efforts to establish, maintain, disrupt or transform the cargo-mobility systems which have grown so dramatically in scale and significance in recent decades.

We had a lot of creative freedom to develop the style of the animation. We had complicated choices to make in order for the animation to work in a visual way yet be true to the book. Tied with this is the challenge to condense an academic book of this sort, so full of ideas, into a script of around 150 words.

Cargomobilities animation

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